How To Hold An Outdoor Team Building Event In Malaysia

Team building events are becoming more and more popular with companies all around the world as well as in Malaysia. This sort of  event can be held outdoors or indoors. Naturally, outdoor events can be more physical and varied and require a great deal of interaction and participation from team members. Outdoor team building activities include sports and games, wilderness adventures, hiking, treasure hunts and more. Whether you are planning an indoor, outdoor or combination team building event, remember that the events you choose must encourage communication, promote problem solving and support positive interaction and critical thinking participation from all members of every team.

Malaysia is a great place to hold outdoor team building events because there are so many wonderful things to do. No matter how large or small your group, from half a dozen to over a hundred participants, you can find a world of fun, exciting, inspiring activities to enjoy in Malaysia. Here are some of the top activities to do team building in Malaysia.

Take an adventure tour!

Your entire group can enjoy an exciting, fun-filled adventure that provides both mental and physical challenges and stimulation. These tours can be had at Jana Baik, Taman Negara, or Mount Kinabalu. This sort  of adventure is great for team members who are in fairly good physical condition. This type of adventure builds confidence and trust and helps encourage effective teamwork.

outdoor event at mount kinabalu

Participate in ice-breaking game!

Ice breakers are pretty common to most team building activities. They help introduce new staff members and help established staff members bring heretofore hidden talents to light. Ice breakers help participants overcome barriers to communication. They make great morale builders and encourage interaction between separate parts of large companies. Traditional sporting events such as bowling and softball make great ice breakers. Less physically fit participants might enjoy a Casino night, board games, cards or discussion group.

Enjoy an invigorating white water rafting adventure!

You cannot beat whitewater rafting when it comes to team building. In this rugged sport, every team member has to work in cooperation so that the group can arrive safely at its intended destination. The Kampar River in Malaysia offers an excellent venue for a challenging, energizing and stimulating whitewater rafting experience. This is an excellent choice for your team members who are young and/or very fit. If you have a mixed group, be sure to offer less physically challenging options and allow free choice.

team building with water rafting event

Explore canyons!

Another very challenging team building activity is canyon exploration. You will find this activity on offer in Ulu Geruntum. This is a physically and mentally difficult activity that will leave fit participants feeling invigorated and satisfied. Settings for canyon exploration are usually quite remote. Choices in activities range from easy to difficult. Formally arranged canyon exploration activities are overseen by a guide who will teach the participants the basics and make sure each participant is outfited with proper and safe gear.

canyoning activities

Enjoyable, exciting and effective team building activity opportunities abound in Malaysia. For the best experience, you should sign up with a professional consulting team to guide you and help you make arrangements and get the best value for your dollar. Search online for good companies with positive, verifiable reviews. Complete contact information including e-mail, phone number and physical address are a must for any company with which you plan to do business. Once you have found a reliable company, you will be able to count on them to help you create the perfect team building experience for your organization.

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