Great Indoor Team Building Games And Activities For Malaysia Company

In many work place settings managers are learning the value of using team building activities to build moral and encourage effective teamwork. Since weather in Malaysia is hot and humid, indoor team building activities will be a good idea. Indoor group games help break the ice and allow employees to get to know each other in a non-pressured setting. When employees have fun together it helps build relationships and encourages creative cooperation at work. In this article, we will introduce some good ideas for indoor team building activities for Malaysia companies that enhance teamwork. Read on to learn more.

Mirror Drawing

team building games mirror drawingThis activity does not actually involve a mirror. Instead, it focuses on having participants mirror each other sight-unseen. Participants break up into teams of two and sit back-to-back. One member of each pair is given paper and pen. The other is given a picture of a shape. The person with the picture is asked to describe it to the person with the pen and paper. The person with pen and paper must draw the shape. The object is to see how closely the resulting image mirrors the original  image.
After the drawing is complete, the members of each two member team can share their  results for group discussion. Good topics of discussion include the clarity of instructions, how instructions  can be interpreted or misinterpreted, common communication problems and misunderstandings and so on. This exercise is very good for demonstrating and improving communication skills.

Use Tape And Straws To Construct A Tower

Teams of three are given an ample supply of drinking straws and tape and instructed to build the highest tower possible. The highest tower wins the contest. They can use any building style they wish, but the tower must be made entirely of tape and straws with no other form of support. This exercise allows participants to share ideas and work on cooperative strategy to achieve a successful outcome. In this exercise, team members learn that great ideas can come from any and all participants in a project. The winning ideas may come from clerks, sales reps or managers. The point is that a good idea is a good idea, regardless of its source.

Play “Survivor”

Instruct each team to imagine they are survivors of an ocean plane crash. They must choose a dozen items to load in their life raft and make their way to a desert island. The teams’ choices will illustrate the abilities of the individual members and the teams as units to make wise choices and decisions under challenging circumstances.

Picture This!

This game is a digital form of a scavenger hunt. Give the team a digital camera and a list of items to seek out in the building and photograph. Examples include:

  • Red shoes
  • 5 coffee mugs in one place
  • 3 employees wearing the same color

This exercise helps teams build ingenuity skills. It also gives them a valid reason to explore the building and get to know other members of the organization if it is done in the work setting.

team building activities picture this

Team building games help employees get to know one another and familiarize themselves with the strengths, abilities and talents of their co-workers in a non-threatening setting. These games help co-workers learn to listen to one another and expect the best. They help workers put their  best foot forward and help employers see exactly what sort of talents workers possess. In every workplace workers tend to become pigeon-holed by their position and/or rank. This can cause a tremendous waste of potential. These games help remove the barriers that prevent workers from being able to reach their optimum potential at work.

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